Events and Campus Involvement

One of the biggest ways we can help raise awareness for the bees is to simply start the conversation.  Once the conversation is started a natural curiosity about bees will lead people to the best way they can help the bees in their own life. 

This can be as simple as planting some beneficial bee flowers in their yard, or just buying a jar of honey from your local beekeeper.  We will work to have presence in community fairs, festivals, events, and have outreach programs through collegiate clubs and organizations.

Hands-On with Bees!

Including beekeeping into an education or reform program could have wonderful benefits.  Working with bees can provide many people a sense of purpose, a greater sense of compassion, and a productive outlet for constructively working through issues in life.  They may also find a sense of peace and harmony with nature that will lead them away from creating problems in their lives in the future.

We believe that much in the same way as service animals, bees can help humans in a multitude of different ways.  With your help, we can not only provide education about bees, but donate equipment and bees to schools and community projects, as well has help them integrate beekeeping into their programs.

Public Spaces

Look around your town, and what do you see?  Grass!  Grass everywhere!

Golf courses, grass!  Parks, grass!  Cemeteries, more grass!

Where have all the flowers gone???

We have actively been working with local Park and Recreation departments to turn “no mow” areas into bee friendly zones full of flowers, turn empty spaces into flower and vegetable gardens, plant flowers, reduce pesticides and herbicides, and plant a lot more flowers.

Presently we’ve tested 3 bee hives on a golf course in Colorado and are planning for expansion of the program in 2017.  We are also working with several local organizations to host hives and provide educational material.  Our goal for the 2017 season is to place 200 hives in various locations around Colorado and expand our mentoring program to all the new beekeepers that will be joining us!  Next year, we will split all the hives from 2017 – effectively doubling to tripling the number of hives we are able to donate, and plan to at the very least double the amount of bee hives in operation through Bee Mindful every single year.

Stay tuned to our newsletter for updates!!!

Community Beekeeping

Working with bees can be one of the most rewarding activities a person can have, and we want to share that experience with our communities!  We can help local “agrihoods”, community gardens, and other groups bring bees to their sustainability programs.  The more people that have the opportunity to interact with bees, the greater levels of mindfulness we can achieve as a whole.

More and more people are looking local for their food production, and bees are a crucial part of the agricultural ecosystem.  Beyond pollination and honey production, keeping bees will give you pollen, propolis, and wax goodies as well!

Swarms and Hive Extractions

This year Bee Mindful will be rescuing rouge honey bees!

Every Spring and Summer thousands (literally thousands) of colonies of bees will begin to swarm.  All of a sudden a cloud of bees will take off from the hive and find a tree branch to cluster on until they find a suitable new home.  Inside of this swarm is the colony’s leader – the queen – and the honey bees that came with her are her fearless followers.  Their stomachs packed with honey, they scout for a hollow place to claim residence and quickly go about building a new hive.

At this time of year the swarm hotlines light up with people calling to have the swarms before before their yard sale or barbecue gets overrun by bees.  If retrieved in time, the whole swarm can be moved to into a box, and a happy productive hive will be formed in just a few short weeks.

How you can get involved:

If you would like to host hives or have an event with Bee Mindful please call us at (719) 644-6232 or email info@beemindful.buzz.

We welcome any type of help, please visit our volunteer page to get started!

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