Hands on Training

honey bees found their queen

honey bees found their queen

Bee Mindful will offer hands on training to our outreach partners, with a direct line of assistance to ensure success in beekeeping.  One of the greatest pleasure in life is teaching newcomers how to keep their bees, and watching them grow in their understanding.  By taking a personal hands on interest in beekeeping, you will quickly become a bee advocate – raising the awareness of those around you!

Learning Modules and Online Communities

By connecting with people all around the world we can greatly increase the amount of knowledge we obtain on how to keep increasing bee populations.  We would like to create online communities where people can share what they know and their stories from being a beekeeper.

As we continue to build our collective knowledge base, we will create educational material (print and web) focusing on different subjects of beekeeping.  Online versions can be commented on and shared, while print versions can be distributed to partners in our outreach programs.

“Save the Bees, Plant These!”

Education about bees should take place on all levels, and there are things that everyone can do to help save the bee populations.  Through several small programs like “Save the Bees, Plant These”  (seed packets with bee friendly flowers and helpful bee information printed on them), we can provide ways that anyone – no matter what level – can help save the bees.


Pesticides and Regulations

Among the many things affecting the decline of all the bee populations are pesticides and regulations in chemical agriculture.  We all need to become more informed, and at the same time more vocal, about what is acceptable and when to use pesticides, and when certain chemicals and genetic modifications are not acceptable in our modern agricultural model.

Bee Advocates

Through proper education and encouragement we can help raise awareness for all the bees.  All species of bee are crucial to our survival as humans, and we need to be their voice!

For more information on how you can bee a Bee Advocate email!

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