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Bees and mindfulness....

Bees are incredibly intelligent and complex creatures, and we, as humans, can learn much from spending time with them. Interacting with bees is a humbling experience - as you watch thousands of individual organisms work together as a single macro-organism, you begin to understand the sense of community in a whole new way. Bees also respond greatly to the energies that we put out when working with them. As any seasoned beekeeper will tell you, if you have positive thoughts and intentions, the bees will find a harmony with you - and you with them. This is the purpose of practicing mindfulness in your life - to find a natural balance and harmony with nature and the world around you.

Bringing communities together for a common goal.

We believe that in bringing our communities closer to bees (and the bees closer to our communities) we can help to increase our mindfulness, awareness, and bring much needed relief to the world around us. By doing this, not only can we save the bee population by creating a better world for bees, but we will enrich our lives and create a better world for humans as well. Make no mistake, bees are in danger, and so the Earth as a whole... There has never been a more prudent time to learn from the bees to create stronger communities that will come together to save the entire planet.

What's the buzz???

First Extraction of the Year!

  • 11:10 pm
  • beemindful

It may be too early yet for people to start thinking about bees, but they've been busy already this Spring! Last Thursday afternoon I performed the first hive extraction of... read more →

Why do bees have trouble surviving Winter?

  • 11:18 pm
  • beemindful

This post will be the first of a series of posts to come entitled Types of Hives, Benefits and Drawbacks.  The series  will go into much greater detail on how each type... read more →

Welcome To Bee Mindful!

  • 11:05 pm
  • beemindful

Bee Mindful was created from an insatiable curiosity for the bee's way of life. My passion for bees was ignited in the Winter of 2013, helping to build six wooden... read more →

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